About Delta-N Journal



Delta-N Journalaims to publish materials that explore the relationship between the fields of Thought and the fields of Public Affairs in West Asia and North Africa (Middle East) in general, and in Syria in particular. In this region, prevailing preconceptionsestablish a rupture, set limits, and impose a detachment between the fields of Thought and Public Affairs. These preconceptions have had flagrant presence in the context of recent changes experienced by the region.

Delta-NJournal is interested in addressing a series of problematic questions and trying to find answers for them: Should those who work in the fields of Thought engage in Public Affairs? What is the function of Thought if it has not interfered in Public Affairs? What are Public Affairs? Is politics a part of them? Or is it confined to narrow parties-related competition and the struggle for power and authority? Can intellectuals be involved in politics and maintain theirpresumed independence, or the principles they advocate? Is it possible to reach a state of balance and cooperation between the fields ofThought and in Public Affairs? Should Thought be separated from Public Affairs? What is the nature of the current relationship between these two fields if it was necessary to separate them? What are the optimal forms of the relationship between these two fields?

Therelationship –between Thought and Public Affairs- may takecomplex and interlaced levels of convergence, intersection, isolation and contradiction with effects (positive or negative) on the present and future ofthe region:individuals, societies and states.

Delta-N Journal considers addressing these questions as an urgent, necessary and essential effort, especially in light of the circumstances experienced by Syria and the region.Delta-N Journal therefore encourages critical, free and independent attempts to address such questions, without taking any predetermined attitudes or hunkering down behind any ideological dogmas.


Materials Suitability for Submission

Delta-N journal welcomes all materials that adhere, in a coherent and systematic manner, to the mission of CTPA. Hence all submitted materials shouldcontain discussions of the following three broad axes:

  • Thought: this headline includes, for example, individuals (intellectuals, academics, experts, writers and media professionals), institutions (research centers, universities, the press, publishers), methodologies (such as selective and ideologicalhistory and traditional religious methodologies), outputs (such as books, ideas, and intellectual movements), and others.
  • Public affairs: including, for example, mainstream and marginalized cultures and the issues of economy, development, services, capacity building, policy making, civil society, law and legislation and fundamental rights, and politics concepts and practices, etc.
  • The relationship between the above mentioned axes, Thought and Public Affairs, whether at the level of influence and impact, intersection, causality, separation, independence, etc.


The Standard Content

  • Editorial.
  • Editorial selection.
  • Articles: Published contributions of authors.
  • Reportages: by the Journalistic Team at the CTPA, or independent journalists.
  • Studies: Published contributions of authors.
  • Book Reviews: Published contributions of authors.
  • Visual Scene: Contributions of artists and photographers.
  • The Visual Scene: Materials by photographers and painters.
  • Appendix of the journal in English